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Jessica Joy Bodywork

Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Work

Healing Services

Craniosacral therapy


Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, light touch bodywork modality used to support the body and nervous system in finding a holistic state of balance. Using finely tuned perceptual awareness, I will “listen” with my hands to how your system is functioning and identify areas of tension. I’ll then support and guide the body to unwind those areas of tension using light, focused touch or gentle decompression techniques for the bones, joints and soft tissue. Our work is mainly focused on the areas around the sacrum and cranium and is especially concerned with the flow of cerebral spinal fluid that bathes the brain and whole central nervous system. This cerebral spinal fluid is sometimes described in metaphor as “Liquid Light” as it is a powerful conductor of our most primal life force energy. When this fluid and energy is allowed to flow freely without restriction our health on all levels flourishes. 

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy:

- Profound reduction of stress/anxiety and stress-related illness

- Improved sleep

- Resolution of chronic pain and tension patterns

- Healp with migrains/tension headaches

- Treatment of TMJ

- Bolstered healing capacity for any kind of injury or illness 

- Increased energy and vitality

- Improved mental health and clarity 

- Greater sense of emotional balance and connection with one’s self

60 and 90 min sessions available or used in combination with Bamboo Massage or Energy Work. See bellow for pricing. 

$20 off New Client Special

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Bamboo Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage is a deep tissue treatment-focused modality offered in a way that feels extremely yummy and relaxing! Heat melts through surface layers allowing me to work deeper with specially designed bamboo tools. All while flushing toxins and bringing deep relaxation to your whole system. 

I will work at the level of pressure that feels good for you. So whether you are looking for some relief in a specific area of concern or just looking to relax, a warm bamboo massage is a unique and delicious experience for your body!


Benefits of Bamboo Massage:

- Relief of soft tissue pain and tension 

- Deep relaxation 

- Improved posture 

- Improved mobility and range of motion

- Improved sleep 

I also offer Gua Sha, which is a skin scraping technique used in eastern medicine to flush congestion, inflammation and toxins out of the body. It is also very effective at breaking up facial adhesions (or “knots”) in the tissues. Great if you are getting over a cold or have a particularly stubborn tight spot. This can be added on to your bamboo massage by request at no extra charge. 

60, 90 and 120 min sessions available as well as prenatal massage sessions. Also available to be combined with Craniosacral or Energy Work. See below for pricing. 

$20 off New Client Special

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Energy Work


I’m a Reiki Master with a varied skill set of tools to assist in healing and clearing on an energetic level. I use my intuitive capacities to scan your energy field and see where blocks, restrictions or imbalances exist. Then I may use chakra clearing techniques, hands on energy work, guided meditation, shamanic techniques and intuitive coaching to help you become more free and aligned in your own energy field, heart and mind. Changes in the energy body ripple out to affect positive changes in the physical, mental and emotional bodies as well. This work is especially good for people who are sensitive or empathic and tend to take on other people’s “stuff” and get overwhelmed by life.

Benefits of Energy Work:

- Greater sense of freedom, autonomy and personal empowerment 

- Greater sense of groundedness and openness 

- Increased resilience to stress 

- Bolstered healing capacity for any kind of injury or illness 

- Increased energy and vitality

- Improved sleep

- Greater intuitive capacity and spiritual clarity

I often weave energy work into my other sessions but a dedicated full Energy Work session is a powerful thing. See pricing below.

$20 off New Client Special

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Meditation Training in the Workplace!

Life and work is stressful! I offer stress-management and meditation classes in work places or community centers. These are fun and engaging group experiences to give people life long tools to be more resilient to stress, more mindful in relationships and more balanced in life. 

Contact me for details if interested. 

Rates and Payments

Rates for All Services

To both honor the premium quality of these services and remain accessible to a wide range of clients I structure my pricing on a sliding scale. Pay what amount feels good for you.

60 Min Treatment Session: $80 - $120 (Average $100)

90 Min Treatment Session: $110 - $160 (Average $145)

120 Min Treatment Session: $160 - $200 (Average $180)

Payments are due at time of service via cash, check or card. (Cash is King!)

Monthyl Membership Special

For those who want to work together regularly to support you in reaching your wellness goals I offer a monthly membership that will be automatically charged to your credit card each month at the bottom of the sliding scale rate (Or whatever amount you decide feels right for you).

Monthly Membership rates: 

60 Min Treatment: $79.95 per month

90 Min Treatment: $109.95 per month

120 Min Treatment: $159.95 per month

Each automatic payment entitles you to one service of your choice per month. Any additional services you book will also be billed at this special rate if you want to come more then once per month. (Ah yeah...weekly massage!)

Cancel any time after the first 3 months. Credits will accumulate and roll over into future months up to 3 months-worth after which time your membership will be automatically canceled unless a prior arrangement with me is made. 

Contact me to sign up!