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Jessica Joy Bodywork

Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Energy Work

Release...Unwind...and Thrive!


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a light touch modality that works to release deeply held tension patterns in the body to reduce pain and allow greater health to flourish. Learn more here...

Bamboo Massage

A yummy way to melt the stress or treat pain! Warm bamboo tools soften the tight spots and work out the knots while flushing toxins and bringing deep relaxation.

Learn more here...

Energy Work

Reiki, chakra clearing, guided meditation and energy coaching to help you feel more aligned and connected with your deeper self. Learn more here...


About Me

Jessica Joy, LMP

I've been practicing Massage Therapy in Seattle since 2012 and have 10+ years experience as a holistic life coach and intuitive healer. Learn more here...